The appearance of transparent wood.

Clear paper used for touch screen.

Transparent wood used as an anti-reflection coating for improved solar cell absorption.

Bi-layer wood design for efficient water transport and sun light absorption.

Clear paper used for consumer electronics.

Solar steam 

Nanowood exhibits extremely low thermal conductivity in the transverse direction and a ~2 times higher in the axial direction due to the hierarchically aligned nanofibrils. 

The anisotropy of the thermal conductivity enables efficient thermal dissipation along the axial direction, thereby yielding improved thermal insulation at the backside that cannot be obtained with isotropic thermal insulators. 

Clear Paper

The appearance of clear paper.

Transparent wood used for guided lighting as building material.

Scalable production of transparent and hazy paper.

Transparent wood

Highly efficient solar steam is an ideal solution for global
challenges as drought and clean water scarcity. 

The appearance of transparent and hazy paper.

Low cost wood based materials enabling highly efficient solar assisted steam generation.

Transparent and hazy paper used for improved OLED lighting efficiency.


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electronic Paper (oled, solar cell)